Roasted Veggie Salad… and a Sugar Cleanse

It’s no secret that I’m not a huge fan of salads. Naked leaves and a few toppings are not my idea of a great meal. And by the time I dress it up enough for me to stomach, well, I might as well eat a burger.

But all that changed the other day, when I had the salad to beat all other salads.

Mike and I hung out with our friends Nathan and Ashley the other day, and we ordered pizza around dinner time (by the way, if you live in the LA area and have yet to order Lucifer’s… change that now!). Ashley was nice enough to make a roasted vegetable salad to go along with our pizza, and she made sure everyone ate their salad before eating pizza.

And as good as Lucifer’s pizza is… I would have been more than happy with just the salad. Seriously.

It was so delicious that I ended up making it the next day, and then I continued to eat it for work two days after.

Four days in a row of that salad, and I never once got sick of it.

So here was my attempt at making her salad– and like most salads, it’s incredibly easy to make.

First, chop up some sweet potatoes and feed a couple pieces to your dog.



Brussels sprouts come next…


When boyfriend offers to help, take him up on the offer by giving him onions to chop. Pat him on the back when he begins to weep profusely from the fumes.


Use all of your cookie sheets to roast the vegetables.

Good thing you bought that three-pack.20130602_181823

While the veggies are busy getting roasty-toasty, it’s time to carmelize the onions.

Now, you can spend a good 45 minutes carmelizing them the right way, or you could cheat like I did. I added a pinch of salt and 1 teaspoon brown sugar for two onions (a small exception to my sugar cleanse that I’ll mention after the recipe) after the onions were cooked to translucence.

Sweet, delicious onions.


Once everything’s done roasting and sauteeing, it’s time to toss the greens. I put them in a ziploc and shook it with the dressing (make sure there is plenty of air in there to give the leaves room to shake around).


And you know what makes most things in the world better?

Cheese. Especially goat cheese.


Another reason behind recreating Ashley’s delicious salad was that I decided I’d been eating a little too much junk lately. Pizzafest3000 on Saturday, cupcakes during the week, burgers here and there… that kind of stuff.

So I decided to give up sugar for 28 days. I’ve done it before for two straight weeks, but I was incredibly strict. No fake sugar, no coffee creamer, no tomato sauce, no teriyaki sauce, etc. Oh yeah… and no booze.

This time around, I’ve decided to be a little less crazy about it. It’s more of a way for me to stop and think when I’m craving junk food. I’m on day 14 so far, and I’ve pretty much doubled the amount of fruit and healthy fats I’ve consumed for snacks vs candy and other sweets. I even dropped a couple pounds due to my healthier choices in food.

I’m about halfway through my sugar cleanse, which ends right around the time I go home for a visit. Which is perfect… since my mom is one hell of a baker. :)







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2 responses to “Roasted Veggie Salad… and a Sugar Cleanse

  1. Melinda

    With my question, you will realize I probably have no idea what I’m doing, but this looks delicious and I must try to make it soon. How long should I roast the vegetables for?

    • Not at all! Here’s the thing… I just kind of roast them by eye. I’ll roast them for 15 minutes or so, take them out, spritz them with a little olive oil (you can fill a travel spray bottle with some), and put them back in for another 10 minutes. And repeat.

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